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SGB Soundtracks

A soundtrack can and if used, must enhance the experience of a game. It is crucial to have a music that represents the feeling, the space, and the theme of your game. Very little of it can make a huge difference in the way the player of your game will be sucked in to the world you have created. It even has an impact on the motivation to the creator him or herself. It is such an incredible feeling when you, as a developer start to believe in the world you are creating. Do not wait until you are almost done with your design or even gameplay. Get a soundtrack early on because a soundtrack will inspire you in a way nothing else will!

The SGB Soundtracks are single tracks you can buy on the Unity Asset Store. They each contain the following:

  • Full Soundtrack
  • Menu Loop
  • 4 Layers

If you do not have or want to use Unity, you can contact me to get a package download.

Even though music can be very present in games, don't forget that music also lives through its absence. Use it wisely. It can but should not be used like the visuals which are always present. Think about where and when are key moments in the game. If you use the track to often, the player gets the feeling that the exact same thing happens over and over again. Sometimes thats key, sometime thats a absolute no go. If your game is bigger, and you need more variaty, consider either to use multiple soundtracks, or even get a composer into your team. There are many composers, most of them that you are likely to be confronted with have very little experience in writing music for games. Give them a chance! if they have a skill to compose music, they most likely have the gift to write music that fits your game perfectly. If you want a custom track, don't hesitate to contact me, i would be glad to help you out!

SGB Collections

In the future you will here find Soundtrack collections. These contain multiple SGB Soundtracks with all the above. If you need more than one track, and you want to save some money, this category will be perfect for you. You will reseave a 3 for 2 or a 5 for 3 discount.

At the moment there are none, but if you have an idea, what tracks you would want, you can contact me and I will make a custom one for you.



Hopefully there will be a lot of products in this category, at the moment there are none.