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Who is this sound guy?


Composing music and creating sounds is my passion. Making that sound that brings a scene to life or makes it more believable makes me very happy. I am Lukas Fretz from Basel Switzerland. I studied music and media arts (now or soon called soundarts) in Bern. I also was always interested in all the interactive arts and 3d rendering and such things, so I started to experiment and program things with Unity and Blender. Although I have to say i am not a visual artist at all, it is important to me to know the tools and the workflow of people who create these beautiful places where everyone wants to go. For me, the music takes exactly these places and feelings to the next level by enhancing that feeling you want the consumer to experience. I also work parttime (80%) as an audio engineer at the swiss radiostation srf (




I have made this site to have a place to show my work. Because i experiment with a lot of different things I want to have a place to put it out there. The soundtracks, collections and sound effects should just be a start. I put them on this site because i believe if you need soundtracks for interactive applications, it is a must, to hear how it could apply to that media. I think that making the music playback linearly is the wrong way….


What else will i find here?


I am planning to also upload my other work. What i am really looking forward to is putting up documentations about how i do things. I don’t know in what form i will do that yet, because there are so many different kind of things i want to show :-)


What does this guy work with?


Here is a small list of the most recent software I use:

- Logic Pro (+many many vsti libraries)
- Max Msp
- Unity
- Unreal Engine
- Blender