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Who is this sound guy?


Composing music and creating sounds is my passion. Making that sound that brings a scene to life or makes it more believable makes me very happy. I am Lukas Fretz from Basel Switzerland. I studied music and media arts (now or soon called soundarts) in Bern. I also was always interested in all the interactive arts and 3d rendering and such things, so I started to experiment and program things with Unity and Blender. Although I have to say i am not a visual artist at all, it is important to me to know the tools and the workflow of people who create these beautiful places where everyone wants to go. For me, the music takes exactly these places and feelings to the next level by enhancing that feeling you want the consumer to experience. I also work parttime (80%) as an audio engineer at the swiss radiostation srf (


Podcast Intelligent for ETH Zürich

Sounddesign and composition of a pilot podcast for ETH Zürich by: This Wachter's Audio Story Lab hosted by Jennifer Khakshouri


I have decided to explore Native Instruments Wavetable Synth "Massive" a bit more deeply and i am impressed of what it can do, here a sneak peek.


Und wir suchen nach der Wahrheit

IMG 11741

An interactive painting by Melanie Kuratli 2017



Hidden Object - Tools

IMG 11741

A casual Game by BoogyGame Studio 2017



Entry for the Epic Game Jam 2017

Created by: Tobias Mansfield-Williams, Mike Vasiljevs, Lukas Fretz


Super Xario the Spanish Electrician and his Super Awesome Quest for Colorful Shapes

Entry for the Epic Game Jam 2017

Created by: Henry Raymond


JetPack-Flying Boy

An IPhone and IPad Game by Paulius Gribauskas